Silver Springs




School on Wheel in Silver Springs

School On wheel Labor Welfare

school-300x200In collaboration with UNICEF, Silver Springs has come up with a novel idea of a ‘School of Wheels’ for children of workers recruited for construction work at Silver Springs.
‘School-on-Wheels’ is a mobile bus in which all school related material right from blackboard to lights, fan, water, audio visual projector, laptop, mike, DVDs, LPG generator, fire safety aid, books and much more is available. And so, when the workers are busy giving beautiful shape to Silver Springs, their children are taught on various subjects.
Almost 150 children are being helped under the guidance of experienced teachers. Special curriculum has also been prepared with assistance from the District Institution of Educational Training (DIET), Indore, for the students of the school. Certificates are also awarded to the children so that they can continue their studies after going back to their villages or permanent residences.
There is also a special arrangement of doctor, breakfast, bus transport within the township as well as other things for the children.
It is indeed heartening to note that it is one of the best humanitarian endeavour taken by any township till date.


green-300x200Go Green….. ‘Save the Earth’ Green Drive

Save Environment, Save World

As the first township in Indore to be based on the five elements of nature and designed on international standards, Silver Springs added yet another feather to its cap by taking the initiative of educating people on environment conservation. This was undertaken by offering saplings to all isitors to Silver Springs. This apart, taking into consideration global warming, the management of Silver Springs i.e. the M. Jhaveri Group also requested visitors to plant one sapling per person so as to make the surroundings clean and a better place to live in.
From the time since it was established, Silver Springs has stood up strongly for environment related issues and has strived to pass the message of ‘Save Environment, Save the World’ to as many people as possible.
In the future too, Silver Springs township is determined to work for the welfare of the environment and society in general.


Incorporation of a Charitable Trust

Silver Springs was founded on the philosophy of being useful and committed to society and social causes. And it is with this purpose that a Charitable Trust has been established for promoting and conducting educational programs as also offering medical relief to the needy.
The M. Jhaveri Group is confident that its sincere efforts will result in the positive growth of society.