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5 Home Hacks To Mintain Your Furniture

We all lead a fast life where it’s difficult for us to spare time for ourselves, let alone take care of our belongings. However, like every other thing they need to be taken care of such that they last longer. Here are a few things one can do to take care of their furniture at home:

  1. Remove water rings on furniture using a blow dryer: Ever found those dried remains of condensation on your wooden surfaces which refuse to budge easily? They can be removed by holding a blow dryer on high near it. You can then recondition the wood using some olive oil.

  2. Remove furniture from under the direct sunlight: Often we find that wooden equipment lose their sheen with time. It’s easy to manage this sort of discoloration by removing them from direct sunlight and placing them in a shade.

  3. Dust with a damp cloth: It’s a good practice to dust your furniture often, but dusting with a dry cloth may cause scratches on the surface due to the particles. Hence it’s advisable to dust with a slightly moist cloth. Avoid spraying water directly on a wooden surface as it will cause the creation of stains, but instead spray it on the cloth.

  4. Use arm caps and slip covers: Place where the uncovered body parts like head, hands or legs might come in contact with the surface of the furnace should be covered with caps such that the perspiration from the body do not find its way to the surface of the wood. Hence it goes on to protect the wood for a long time. Removable slip covers allow you to wash them and retain their quality for a longer time.

  5. Use walnut to heal those broken edges or deep scratches: Often the wooden furniture develop cracks near the edges which reduces the quality of their surfaces and look. You can heal those edges by rubbing a walnut over them, and the cracks will slowly disappear.