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9 ways to spend your Sunday well

After the hectic hustle and bustle of life throughout the weekend, Sunday is generally the only day one can rest and relax and forget about the hardships of the week. Sunday tends to be the day to detox from the week and to gear up for the next week. Here are a few ways to ensure a great Sunday:

1. Close all loose ends and work with a deadline: Any unfinished or pending task of the previous week will gnaw your head for the weekend as well. Hence, set yourself deadlines and ensure that you adhere to them before the weekend begins. Also complete all pending tasks that are likely to keep you worried during the weekend. This ensures that you have clarity and calm for the weekend.


2. Start with a great meal: Food is one of life’s most simple and greatest pleasures. The weekend deserves to be ushered in with a tasty meal. It doesn’t have to be expensive or fancy, but it needs to put a smile on your face.

3. Have some ‘Me’ time: Set aside some time for introspection, meditation and sometime just to be with yourself. This shall help you achieve a calm temperament that’ll help your drive ahead.

4. Socialize: Meet your friends, family, relatives etc. This is a huge requirement for every human being in order to derive satisfaction and hence one should dedicate sometime specifically for this. This will help you achieve an inner satisfaction.

5. See a movie

6. Go bowling or do some other indoor sporting activity

7. Go out to dinner – it doesn’t have to be expensive, just get a group of friends or family and visit somewhere convenient for a pleasant evening of conversation, catching up, and food

8. Go shopping – a trip to your local mall can be a lot of fun for window shopping and eating out cheaply

9. Go to the pub – have just a few drinks and a lot of good conversation; don’t stay all night, just add this in with other activities