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7 Things to consider before you decide to have a Garden

It’s never too late to plant your home garden; it’s never too late to start tending to soil. Space, time and confines are only words, for gardening adds years to your life and life to your years.



There are many ways you can go about creating your own space of garden, we have come up with the 7 best of them.

  1. Prepare the space:

It could be either a balcony or a small portion along the road or even just pots hanging from your windows. You can mark the territory of plants and start preparing. Bring in symmetric pots and decorate them with you choice and theme.


  1. Layout and size:

Keep in mind the layout, you can then choose plants; you can’t plant a papaya in a hanging pot of a balcony.


  1. Care is a must :

Don’t go about planting things which require a lot of care and attention when your routine simply doesn’t have the space for that. Be realistic, and opt for plants that are easier to care.


  1. Weekly routine :

Follow a weekly routine of pruning, weeding, watering, harvesting and others yourself. Unless you care yourself you will never get the real feel of your plants.  This will also keep your garden a lot more healthy and fresh.


  1. Don’t murder them away :

There are just simple things to take care of to save your garden. Shift plants according to weather or make some arrangements of shade if the atmosphere calls for that. Keep away poisonous substances, and just don’t put anything in soil to dispose, it may harm your plants more than you think.



  1. Take help of mobile apps :

Why not take help of technology and keep your gardens most beautiful and thriving. There are many apps like – Garden Manager: Plant Alarm, Garden Squared, Landscape & Garden Calculators, Garden Design Ideas, Vegetable Garden, Beginners Gardening Guide,Gardenate, Expert Gardening Solutions, Organic Gardening, Garden Time Planner, etc.

These are just a handful of apps that you can install on your smartphone or tablet devices to help you develop a garden that you could be proud of.


  1. Plant Needs :

Consider your soil type and the nutrient composition of your planting area, including the pH, before choosing what plants can be part of your garden. Also take light levels, windbreaks, seasonal temperature changes, and watering needs into account, and note what compost you may have available and how plants will need to be spaced or mulched. By considering plant needs carefully, you can choose exactly the types that will thrive in your individual garden.


By carefully planning your garden, you will have a more productive, more enjoyable garden to enjoy as soon as planting season begins.