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Challenges of Migrant People, When Finding Homes In a New City

When people change their homes in search of new opportunities, they are faced with the challenge of finding a suitable new home to live comfortably and also be able to fit it in their budget. However, most often it results in less than optimum results as they are not able to search property in their new areas of living. Let’s list down the common issues that one has to face while moving to a new home:

  • Time Pressure: While moving from one place to another, the whole process of finding a new place is constrained by time. It is imperative to find a new home in the shortest possible time and hence it often results in searches which are not exhaustive and the choice is impulsive rather than well informed. Also, sensing the urgency brokers and other mediating agencies often quote greater prices as opposed to normal rates trying to exploit the helplessness of the buyers.

  • Agencies:  The role of agencies is to act as a mediator between the buyer and the seller. They provide homes as per the requirements of the clients. However, often they only provide places which have a greater commission for them, leaving out the others which don’t. This results in sub-optimal choices for the buyer, even though there might be a better choice available to them.

  • Prices: The brokers charge exorbitantly knowing that the buyer is new in the area and not so familiar with the existing rates. Moreover, because of high demand they often quote prices which are way higher than normal and expect people to pay up as otherwise they have many other customers to turn to. This is a ruse which often gives positive results as the buyers are also aware of the high demand/population pressure existing in India.

  • Availability of proper amenities: Often brokers quote that a given property has access to many features and amenities which however may not be the case in reality. This also results in sub-optimal choices as the buyer cannot go and research the area themselves and believe the assurances of the broker. Hence, sometimes they are duped to buy properties which are in the outskirts or are highly inaccessible to social amenities.

  • Layered contract: Often people do not use a contract or a legal binding while buying new homes, and this often leads to the seller changing the terms of the sale and conditions. Sometimes the quoted areas are hyped or misrepresented. Hence resulting in homes which are actually not as large as promised.

  • Construction Zones: Often while buying a new property, the buyers are shown one show home which projects the best amenities available. On the basis of that they make their purchase, but on delivery, the product is found to be less than optimum. Moreover, often they move into a construction zone and hence they live in an area which is dusty and prone to a lot of noise.
  • Hidden Costs: When buying and moving into a new home, the builders often don’t mention the hidden costs that are still to be done until the move is over. Once, the buyer moves in they are ambushed with new costs which involve the installation of amenities, initiation of services etc. which results in a lot more expenses than what is actually projected.

The process of obtaining a new home is often very difficult and requires a lot of one’s time. Use of adequate research and only trusted agencies for conducting your activities is the only way to shield oneself from getting duped. Also, it is advisable to make an informed choice and not on an impulse in order to enjoy the best and most comfortable home in your suitable budget.